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"Tre Mat" Valdobbiadene Finalizzato


The Valdobbiadene Finalizzato “ Tre Mat” is not created in the cellar, rather it is created firstly on the steep and sunny hills of Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, where the vines are harvested exclusively by hand.

Other than the so called “Glera” grape ( used in prosecco) other vines are carefully included such as the so called “Perera” “ Bianchetta” and the “Verdiso” grapes, to create a full bodied and balanced must that produces a first-rate wine without the use of chemicals.Only 60% of the grape is crushed to obtain the best part of the must, also known as the more “noble” part.

The fermentation is carried out respecting the natural balance of the wine with very little decanting; the wine is stored in an autoclave for at least two and a half months in order to create it naturally thin and smooth perlage only the natural yeast found in the grapes are used, without adding anything else.

We are only at the beginning of a long journey, starting with the recovery of part of an antique vineyard that is more than eighty years old. This year its grapes allow us to produce  6,000 bottles of Valdobbiadene Finalizzato, that are all are numbered, which gives a guarantee of transparency and traceability.

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