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About us


The Agricultural Company “Tre Mat” was officially founded in 2009 and produced the first bottles of the 2010 grape harvest in 2011 ... My ancestors were manufacturers and then bestower since 1900 like many other farmers of the time.
The great fortune that made possible the birth of 'Company "Tre Mat" is the historic vineyard from which the Finalized is obtained, located in a very steep and uncomfortable position.
Fortunately these adverse conditions have made desist owners who have preceded me to provoke the inevitable consequential damage using new mechanized processes such as the eradication of low producing strains, the arrangement for access to the vineyards with tractors and so on.
I created the company "Tre Mat" pushed by my very strong convictions about the Prosecco wine "once upon a time", and when talking with the producers of today, I realize that they take  only the business into consideration, and not at all  the tradition and respect for the vines. In confirmation of this, all the producers with whom I compare myself tell me I'm crazy to make sparkling wine with three months of storage in an autoclave, which are crazy to make clone vines,  I'm crazy to harvest in September, to put in autoclave wine in March, going on the market in July and not in December (like all of them),  so putting on the market a seasoned wine….
So aware that my competitors consider me three times mad I decided to call the company “Tre Mat” and I firmly believe that if you taste my " Finalized "  will become mad ... even you !


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